Victoria Allen

Episode 74 - July 19, 2016


Victoria Allen is a dream expert who helps people connect with their subconcious. We discus how to remember your dreams, how to get the answers you seek, and the impact dreams have on who we are.


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Show Notes:

-What it means to be quiet inside

-What dreamwork is all about

-How dreams can show you your way

-What you can do to influence what you will dream about

-How to use a dream journal

-How to remember your dreams

Links Mentioned:

-Play of Consciousness

-The Four Agreements

-Dreams Stream


Exercise of The Week:

Every morning and every night, write down three gratitudes.

Episode Quotes

"Whether we are asleep or awake, we are always dreaming."


"We all have a dreamer within us that is consistently nudging us to grow and evolve."


"Every part of your dream is an aspect of you."


"Every dreamer is connected."


"Subtle joy is how we were meant to feel."