Question of the Week: February 29th

How well and deeply am I loving myself?


This is the question of the week from legendary best selling author SARK (Succulent Wild Love), and this week’s guest on The One & Only Podcast. It’s an opportunity to evaluate how you treat yourself – perhaps in reference to how you speak to, and view, yourself.


Are you supportive, encouraging, and forgiving, or are you belittling and maybe even hurting yourself?


In reference to the second part of the question about the depth of your self-love, do you let yourself go all the way to the root of your feelings and explore what’s really going on (i.e. the true catalyst)? Definitely take a look as the deeper you go, the more you will get out of it and open up the door for greater self-love, acceptance, and healing.


What does this question evoke in you?  Chime in on the conversation below!


For more from SARK, tune-in to The One & Only Podcast for epic stories (like the time SARK abandoned the money system for 10 years), and valuable tips on how to embrace/work through challenging feelings, manage the voice in your head, and live a compromise-free life.