Accomplish your goals in six weeks or less.

Do you have a big goal, a desired lifestyle adjustment, or something you’ve been pushing off that you’d like to action?

If so, you’re in the right place.

Winning Weeks


Mondays from 5-7pm PST for 6 weeks.


The Winning Weeks™ Method has helped 200+ people achieve more, grow faster, and feel happy & fulfilled at the end of every week.

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Pursue a new opportunity, grow your business, or make any desired lifestyle adjustments.



Learn and implement productivity tools while eliminating stress and self-sabotage.



Improve your habits and achieve more in a week than you typically do in a month.

We are what we

Coaching + Accountability


The most common regrets people have on their death bed are related to wasted time, missed opportunities, inauthenticity, and not allowing oneself to be happier.

Why does this happen? Because no one is holding us accountable.    

And when no one holds us accountable, it’s easy to play it safe, self-sabotage, and stay stuck in unwanted patterns.

You see, our most deeply engraved habits are tough to break, and even tougher when relying entirely on self-discipline. 

If you’ve ever failed to find or implement the right system, struggled with consistency, or felt like your best is still not enough, you know exactly how challenging it is to level-up. 

That’s why we are here to help, and supporting committed leaders (like you) – with coaching and accountability, is what we do best. 

If you want to make the most of your time during the Pandemic, and exit out of it thriving, don’t waste another week…come join us!

How It Works


Weekly Coaching Calls + Goal Setting + Accountability

-Assess and elevate every area of your life.

-2 hour time committment per week.

-Participate from anywhere in the world.

-Work with Mark Shapiro 1-on-1 OR through a group format.


You are, or strive to be, a leader in your business, community, and family

You are on point, and also know you could be even more effective & impactful

You already have a full plate and want to create more time for what’s important

You are committed to speaking your truth and being real with yourself & others

You care about the world & know we can do more together, than alone

You know the time is now and live a life of ‘no regrets’

The Results...


I just finished an amazingly productive & heart-opening experience in the epic Winning Weeks program! I am so grateful - I was able to finish writing my book, expand my coaching business, and book my first workshop, all through his program. A huge breakthrough for me was that I got to see where I self-sabotageand really uncover the fears that are attempting to keep me complacent... thanks to my amazing group (Authentic AF) and the relationships I formed with each of the members, I broke free from all of it. Seriously consider this program - truly life changing! Thank you, Mark!

Jessica Winterstern. Writer. Author. Coach (Los Angeles, CA)

Seriously. I just want to take a moment to be grateful. It was phenomenal. During the 8 week course, I got my side business up and running, procured and completed 15 auditions, and even made time to relax and spend quality time with my amazing friends. I'm telling you, if you're serious about achieving those things that are important to you, this is a phenomenal way to get 'er done.

Not only that, but I met some incredible, inspiring and loving people in this course, and felt my attitude and passion skyrocket. Cannot recommend it highly enough. Check it out and sign up.

Phil Daniel. Actor + Singer (Los Angeles, CA)

My biggest win(s) and takeaways were unending support and advice for launching my business and the lasting connections Winning Weeks has given me for moving forward both professionally and socially. If you have big goals, I encourage you to check this out!

Nathan Walworth. PhD Environmental Science (Los Angeles, CA)

I was able to increase my brand's email subscriber base by a large percentage and find the structure and flow necessary to balancing multiple freelance gigs (which can be a tad clustery at times). I met amazing faces through this community and built relationships that have afforded me new clients, awesome business opportunities and many incredible friends. If you're in growth mode, open to making great business contacts or you're looking to take on the stuff you've been putting off for months, check out Winning Weeks.

Erin Kameiko. Consultant & Blogger (San Diego, CA)

A year ago I was honored to be on Mark Shapiro's podcast. Months later I joined his WINNING WEEKS mastermind and had a MASSIVE boost in productivity & inspiration. I struggle with discipline and follow through, but I was on fire during the course of our group's weekly calls & check-ins.

John ‘Halcyon’ Styn. Founder, Hug Nation (San Diego, CA)

Winning Weeks offered me the support and accountability I found necessary to quit my job, get a tan, and stop eating red meat. I had the opportunity to connect with a super rad community of healers, entrepreneurs, and general bad asses in a motivational setting and I'm in a much better place emotionally. Plus the big bonus is that you get to connect with Mark Shapiro who is as insightful as he is handsome.

Gregg Drusinsky. Chef (LA/NY)

  • In 8 weeks, I co-facilitated two Yoga & Transformation retreats, deepened relationships with important people in my life, produced so much writing, got on a great workout and food regime and I've never felt more free or at ease (and the transition time I'm in is REAL!) Huge shout out to Mark Shapiro for creating Winning Weeks.

Jordana Reim. Founder, (Los Angeles, CA)

Top Highlights 1) I published my 5th cookbook and finished recording a pilot demo reel to pitch a new plant-based travel and health food tv show to traditional Canadian television networks 2) My top takeaway breakthrough from this program is that authenticity and truth are paramount to successful relationships and essential to finding true happiness. My favorite part of the program was seeing the dedication of all the other members and getting to actually meet everyone in person in L.A upon completion of the program.

Danielle Arsenault. Chef + Author (Seattle, WA)

I was inspired to do something for a cause other than my own, hence the mission to fund a clean water well, which I raised over $8,000 to do. Not to mention grow professionally, personally, and spiritually.

Jeffrey Chernick. Tech CEO (Venice, CA)

  • I am so incredibly grateful to Mark for creating WW.  It helped me sail through my move to SF and into this next chapter of my consulting career. I have so much clarity on my direction now, and am jumping into 2017 feeling confident AF.  This is a program I will absolutely do again!

Maddy Prior. Digital Strategist (San Francisco, CA)

My biggest wins and takeaways were launching my company, Lucin Candle Studio, hitting business goals weekly, superior time management, taking my relationship with my dad to the next level and authentic communication with my partner.

Cin Kats. Business Owner (Los Angeles, CA)

  • It was one of the most turn around, introspective, and supercharged 8 weeks of my life. I made new friends, felt supported, pushed and encouraged. Anyone looking to have a killer 2017 would be smart to join Winning Weeks.

Bradley Kohn. Musician (Los Angeles, CA)

  • Weekly check-ins with an amazing small group of leaders. From finance and work, to love and relationships, the program held me high and pushed me to give give give! Highly recommend.

Jeffrey Chernick. Tech Entrepreneur (Los Angeles, CA)

  • These last few weeks have been truly inspiring in realizing my fullest potential. I've propelled forward in all areas of my life - professional, personal, spiritual and romantic wholesomely through Winning Weeks. Highly recommended for anyone looking to set S.M.A.R.T. goals and get honest thoughtful feedback from a support group of successful professionals. Thank you Mark for creating a worthwhile effective environment to winning at life!

Paul Kats. Tech Entrepreneur (Los Angeles, CA)

  • I had never done one of these programs before but must say that the groups and community Mark curated pushed my goals and self awareness to new heights. He beautifully led a creative and empowering space with people across many disciplines. I highly recommend this program to anyone who is self-motivated and loves community.

Nathan Walworth. PHD, Environmental Science (Los Angeles, CA)

My biggest win and takeaway was discovering a state of being where I felt my highest potential and being able to anchor in that state to being at work, at home, and even in social situations.

Paul Kats. Tech CEO (Los Angeles, CA)

Mark Shapiro

I founded Winning Weeks to solve ongoing challenges I faced in my busy life. Between juggling multiple businesses, and trying my best to sustain a healthy work-life balance – things consistently fell through the cracks.

I was always on the edge of burnout, felt stuck dealing with the same lingering challenges, and lacked the accountability and support I needed.

The Winning Weeks goal setting and accountability framework keeps me clear on my priorities, ensures I do all the things I know I should do but would resist and avoid on my own, and that my behavior and actions are aligned with what I seek to accomplish.

It helped me land a TEDx Talk, release a new podcast episode for 250 weeks in a row, scale my speaking business, send over 10,000 appreciation videos, and launch/develop the LoveBomb app.

Today, I have a consistent meditation practice, spend less time on social media, workout 4x times per week, keep a tidier home, and have learned a lot about myself; re-defining my definition of success, and becoming an all around better friend, son, lover, and leader.

But the best part is serving our amazingly inspiring participants and celebrating their new businesses, careers, financial growth, and life changing new habits & results. With over 200 members to date, I’m proud of our innovative approach to self-mastery and what we continue to co-create.

If you are committed to leveling-up, and want to be a part of something special, apply to join us!

What wins will YOU celebrate?

Accomplishing your top career or wealth goal? 

A new relationship?

Superior work-life balance?

A healthier diet or body?

Increased momentum & effectivness?

A major life-changing breakthrough?

Breaking a frustrating pattern or habit?

Something magical & unexpected?

All of the above? 

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