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Based on what I saw afterwards from the audience, Mark's talk was the most influential. I saw so many people buzzing about it.  There's a lot of gold in giving people useful advice that they can take away.

Marc Stoiber (TEDx Event Producer)

I love the sincerity Mark brought to the stage. The smile, the energy, and talking about something he truly cares about: helping people deepen their relationships. Mark was open, authentic, caring, and shows that you can serve people and have fun doing it.

Taylor Conroy (President, The Idea Collective)

Mark inspired me to start using video messenger/video on my phone to connect on a more personal level with friends, family, and Acquaintances; breaking free from my ego and sending birthday messages, thank you's, and simple hellos/wishing you well. If you get a video message from me, I show up to your art show and you haven’t seen me in 15 years...well, you will know where the inspiration came from.

Morgan M. (Director of Publicity, Focus Pictures)

There are still real people behind social media and we all want to be connected in authentic ways. It is not easy though! The world needs more Mark Shapiro to inspire them and teach them how to be real.

Linda S. (Sales Leadership Coach)

Mark Shapiro really nails it with the personal touch of sending someone a video message! This is inspiring me soo much to reach out with all the members of my community in the same way.

Seth Q. (CEO, Waterhouse)

Love & Praise on Facebook

With all of the drama and negativity that circulates, it is so refreshing to uplift others through positivity!!

Amy M (Workshop Attendee)

I just finished an amazingly productive & heart-opening experience in the epic Winning Weeks program! I am so grateful - I was able to finish writing my book, expand my coaching business, and book my first workshop, all through his program. A huge breakthrough for me was that I got to see where I self-sabotageand really uncover the fears that are attempting to keep me complacent... thanks to my amazing group (Authentic AF) and the relationships I formed with each of the members, I broke free from all of it. Seriously consider this program - truly life changing! Thank you, Mark!

Jessica Winterstern. Writer. Author. Coach (Los Angeles, CA)

I believe a smile goes a long way. I use it as my daily practice and reminder that no matter what is happening in my life there are always things to be grateful for. I use a smile to share it with others; have you experienced stranger smiling at you and you couldn't help but smile back? And how did you feel after? Were you kinder and more appreciative to whatever followed next? Well, I trust you did. Mark Shapiro takes it a step further and helps you integrate great practices into your life.

Kascia (Event Attendee)

Seriously. I just want to take a moment to be grateful. It was phenomenal. During the 8 week course, I got my side business up and running, procured and completed 15 auditions, and even made time to relax and spend quality time with my amazing friends. I'm telling you, if you're serious about achieving those things that are important to you, this is a phenomenal way to get 'er done.

Not only that, but I met some incredible, inspiring and loving people in this course, and felt my attitude and passion skyrocket. Cannot recommend it highly enough. Check it out and sign up.

Phil Daniel. Actor + Singer (Los Angeles, CA)

My biggest win(s) and takeaways were unending support and advice for launching my business and the lasting connections Winning Weeks has given me for moving forward both professionally and socially. If you have big goals, I encourage you to check this out!

Nathan Walworth. PhD Environmental Science (Los Angeles, CA)

I was able to increase my brand's email subscriber base by a large percentage and find the structure and flow necessary to balancing multiple freelance gigs (which can be a tad clustery at times). I met amazing faces through this community and built relationships that have afforded me new clients, awesome business opportunities and many incredible friends. If you're in growth mode, open to making great business contacts or you're looking to take on the stuff you've been putting off for months, check out Winning Weeks.

Erin Kameiko. Consultant & Blogger (San Diego, CA)

A year ago I was honored to be on Mark Shapiro's podcast. Months later I joined his WINNING WEEKS mastermind and had a MASSIVE boost in productivity & inspiration. I struggle with discipline and follow through, but I was on fire during the course of our group's weekly calls & check-ins.

John ‘Halcyon’ Styn. Founder, Hug Nation (San Diego, CA)

Winning Weeks offered me the support and accountability I found necessary to quit my job, get a tan, and stop eating red meat. I had the opportunity to connect with a super rad community of healers, entrepreneurs, and general bad asses in a motivational setting and I'm in a much better place emotionally. Plus the big bonus is that you get to connect with Mark Shapiro who is as insightful as he is handsome.

Gregg Drusinsky. Chef (LA/NY)

  • In 8 weeks, I co-facilitated two Yoga & Transformation retreats, deepened relationships with important people in my life, produced so much writing, got on a great workout and food regime and I've never felt more free or at ease (and the transition time I'm in is REAL!) Huge shout out to Mark Shapiro for creating Winning Weeks.

Jordana Reim. Founder, LetsGo180.com (Los Angeles, CA)

Top Highlights 1) I published my 5th cookbook and finished recording a pilot demo reel to pitch a new plant-based travel and health food tv show to traditional Canadian television networks 2) My top takeaway breakthrough from this program is that authenticity and truth are paramount to successful relationships and essential to finding true happiness. My favorite part of the program was seeing the dedication of all the other members and getting to actually meet everyone in person in L.A upon completion of the program.

Danielle Arsenault. Chef + Author (Seattle, WA)

I was inspired to do something for a cause other than my own, hence the mission to fund a clean water well, which I raised over $8,000 to do. Not to mention grow professionally, personally, and spiritually.

Jeffrey Chernick. Tech CEO (Venice, CA)

  • Mark's an encouraging coach. He kept me accountable and I was pushed to create more each week. I was inspired the most to hire Mark as a coach by his own journey - I wanted a coach who had guts, focus and put his all into what he does. If that's the example you're looking for, look no further than Mark Shapiro.

Jordana Reim. Producer, Digital Consultant, & Founder, LetsGo180.com (Los Angeles, CA)

It's incredible what can be accomplished in just 8 weeks with the right formula. My biggest takeaways were letting go of what things should look like, to truly appreciate and be in the moment of what was; achieving health and fitness goals I set for myself; meeting and exceeding revenue goals for my business for the summer; executing on travel plans that I'd been holding off on; coming from abundance to make business decisions that were out of the box and out of my comfort level that have since resulted in contracts and opportunities that were never quite within my reach before; and allowing myself to let go and really truly enjoy a summer in my hometown without the usual distractions.

Kay Arutyunyan. President, Production Company (Los Angeles, CA)

  • I am so incredibly grateful to Mark for creating WW.  It helped me sail through my move to SF and into this next chapter of my consulting career. I have so much clarity on my direction now, and am jumping into 2017 feeling confident AF.  This is a program I will absolutely do again!

Maddy Prior. Digital Strategist (San Francisco, CA)

Mark is a master of authenticity, imparting his vision of a vulnerable and authentic world to those around him. I am amazed at his ability to cut to the chase and give clarity to when life circumstances cloud my better judgement. His coaching techniques have supported me to excel leaps and bounds when confronted with challenges in business and interpersonal relationships. Thank you Mark for holding me accountable and inspiring me to lead a more fulfilling, present, and impactful life. 

Marc F. CEO, Tech Company (Venice, CA)

My biggest wins and takeaways were launching my company, Lucin Candle Studio, hitting business goals weekly, superior time management, taking my relationship with my dad to the next level and authentic communication with my partner.

Cin Kats. Business Owner (Los Angeles, CA)

  • It was one of the most turn around, introspective, and supercharged 8 weeks of my life. I made new friends, felt supported, pushed and encouraged. Anyone looking to have a killer 2017 would be smart to join Winning Weeks.

Bradley Kohn. Musician (Los Angeles, CA)

  • Weekly check-ins with an amazing small group of leaders. From finance and work, to love and relationships, the program held me high and pushed me to give give give! Highly recommend.

Jeffrey Chernick. Tech Entrepreneur (Los Angeles, CA)

  • These last few weeks have been truly inspiring in realizing my fullest potential. I've propelled forward in all areas of my life - professional, personal, spiritual and romantic wholesomely through Winning Weeks. Highly recommended for anyone looking to set S.M.A.R.T. goals and get honest thoughtful feedback from a support group of successful professionals. Thank you Mark for creating a worthwhile effective environment to winning at life!

Paul Kats. Tech Entrepreneur (Los Angeles, CA)

  • I had never done one of these programs before but must say that the groups and community Mark curated pushed my goals and self awareness to new heights. He beautifully led a creative and empowering space with people across many disciplines. I highly recommend this program to anyone who is self-motivated and loves community.

Nathan Walworth. PHD, Environmental Science (Los Angeles, CA)

"Mark is an incredible coach - anyone would be lucky to work with him."

Lewis Howes. New York Times Best Seller, Host of The School of Greatness

My biggest win and takeaway was discovering a state of being where I felt my highest potential and being able to anchor in that state to being at work, at home, and even in social situations.

Paul Kats. Tech CEO (Los Angeles, CA)

"Mark's relatable, so people can say 'That guys is just like me, he had a great job, was married, and had the courage to make these changes.” Thus, People are more inclined to take the same leap and challenge the status quo.'"

Light Watkins. Author & Meditation Practitioner (Los Angeles, CA)

“It’s awesome to see how he’s rippled out the impact and carried the torch. He’s an inspirational guy, so it's no surprise to see people gravitate toward him. He impacts people in such a way where they would come out to anything, no matter what it is he’s involved with, people will show up."

Quddus. TV Host (Los Angeles, CA)

Words cannot express how grateful I am for Mark’s coaching services. Mark was able to help me see a higher version of myself and provided me practical strategies on attaining that. He has an incredible ability to bring out the best of you. I would recommend Mark to help you in your business endeavors, career options, and relationships. He will be that force in your life to help you be successful, absolutely no regrets working with Mark.

Calvin Poon. Pharmacist (Toronto, Canada)

Mark creates a place and space for tears, fears, and cheers to flow with no judgement. Real is really the only thing you get from Mark in his coaching, speaking & workshops.

James Kinney. CEO, 30k FT (Los Angeles, CA)

I love what Mark's up to and how he shows up, open-hearted.  I think if more men truly stepped up to the plate and really stood in their authenticity, this world would be an even more incredible place. I’m thankful for what Mark is doing. I really acknowledge him for what he is so committed to creating. He’s connecting people.

JuVan Langford. Men’s Empowerment Coach (Los Angeles, CA)

"I learned that authenticity is achieved through practicing the key principles: being expressive, being present, and being true with your intention."

Anonymous. Be You Authenticity Workshop Attendee

"Incredible Workshop – I had several A-ha moments."

Quddus Phillipe. Be You Authenticity Workshop Attendee

"Overall I felt very recharged and energized afterwards. I loved how good it feels to be vulnerable and open and have people truly give their best to listen in a non-judgmental way. Talking about deep stuff with complete strangers can be freeing. I also love the exercises, they were super fun."

Anonymous. Be You Authenticity Workshop Attendee

"The workshop helped me specifically identify aspects of my life that I need to work on."

Anonymous. Be You Authenticity Workshop Attendee

"Thank you for creating a space where we could all be our true selves."

Anonymous. Be You Authenticity Workshop Attendee

"Best Speed Dating Ever! Friendly environment and people. Everyone was very organic and opened to meeting others. Not typical speed dating event at all. Everyone that is single must try this at least once. I got out of my comfort zone and I'm glad I did. Met a great group of beautiful people."

Anonymous. Authentic Speed Dating Event Attendee (Los Angeles, CA)

"The event was pleasantly outside of my comfort zone at first, so much fun my cheeks hurt when I left!"

Anonymous. Authentic Speed Dating Event Attendee (Los Angeles, CA)

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