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[testimonial_slider][testimonial title=”Testimonial” id=”1451850782-1-76″ name=”Lewis Howes (New York Times Bestselling Author & Host of The School of Greatness Podcast)” quote=”Mark is an incredible coach – anybody would be lucky to work with him.”]

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[/testimonial][testimonial title=”Testimonial” id=”1451850782-2-13″ name=”Jordana Reim (Executive Producer, Consultant & Founder of” quote=”Mark’s an encouraging coach. He kept me accountable and I was pushed to create more each week. I was inspired the most to hire Mark as a coach by his own journey – I wanted a coach who had guts, focus and put his all into what he does. If that’s the example you’re looking for, look no further than Mark Shapiro.”]

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[/testimonial][testimonial title=”Testimonial” id=”1451851008911-0-6″ name=”James N. Kinney (CEO of 30kft)” quote=”Mark creates a place and space for tears, fears, and cheers to flow with no judgement. Real is really the only thing you get from Mark.”]
[/testimonial][testimonial title=”Testimonial” id=”1451851133047-0-3″ name=”Calvin Poon (Pharmacist)” quote=”Words cannot express how grateful I am for Mark’s coaching services. Mark was able to help me see a higher version of myself and provided me practical strategies on attaining that. He has an incredible ability to bring out the best of you. I would recommend Mark to help you in your business endeavors, career options, and relationships. He will be that force in your life to help you be successful, absolutely no regrets working with Mark.

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1-on-1 Coaching

How does your life look like in relation to your greatest goals & aspirations?

Whether you have your dream job, but not your dream relationship, vice versa, neither, or are simply looking to be more effective in the areas of life that are most important to you (time management/balancing your priorities, communication with those you love and/or work with, creative expression, breaking perpetual patterns/habits, or pursuing something you have always wanted to do), working with a coach gives you the support, encouragement & tools to be the best YOU, turning dreams into realities.

      A coach…

  • Supports you in creating a clear vision & action oriented step-by-step game plan to achieve it.
  • Holds you accountable to your goals & commitments, even when you want to renegotiate, or are sliding off track.
  • Is there to cheer you on and support you every step of the way.
  • Provides an objective point of you, and helps you see additional perspectives & possibilities.
  • Monitors your performance, offering feedback, and course correction (on your approach, mindset, and/or behavior).
  • Is on your team, and committed to co-creating extraordinary results.

Why Coach Shapiro?

I’m all about results – and the formula above is directly from my playbook.

There is nothing I enjoy more than supporting people in accomplishing their goals, and I have coached hundreds of successful leaders into generating the tangible results they seek most. I am loving, passionate, driven, committed, and go wherever I need to go in order for us to win – whether that is providing tough love, constructive feedback, praise & acknowledgement, or exploring countless amounts of strategies – my commitment is to you, to serve you, to ask you questions you never or rarely ask yourself, to inspire you, and be the best coach you’ve ever had!

Check out my coaching packages below, and sign-up for your $200* brainstorming, strategy, and/or feedback session, and invest in yourself today!   

*FREE starter session with any monthly plan

Accomplishing your goals will be a lot more fulfilling than that pair of shoes, another trip to Vegas, that Starbuck’s addiction, or more excuses about your circumstances or a better time coming once you…

Life is NOW – Make Your Mark Today!

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Everybody needs a coach. Every famous athlete, every famous performer has somebody who is coach — somebody who can say ‘Is that what you really meant?’ and give them perspective. The one thing people are not really good at is seeing themselves as others see them. A coach really, really helps.”
-CEO of Google Eric Schmidt


[pricing_table][pricing_column title=”Single Session” id=”1438636913-1-49″ price=”200″ currency_symbol=”$” interval=”Per Session” color=”Accent-Color”]One 60 minute session


*1st session FREE when you sign-up for a monthly plan[/pricing_column][pricing_column title=”1 Month Plan” id=”1438643401859-0-10″ price=”150″ currency_symbol=”$” interval=”Per Session” color=”Accent-Color”]$600 per month

Four 30-60 minute sessions

(1 per week)

Includes text & email access[/pricing_column][pricing_column title=”3 Month Plan” id=”1438643777164-0-10″ price=”125″ currency_symbol=”$” interval=”Per Session” color=”Accent-Color” highlight=”true” highlight_reason=”BEST VALUE”]$500 Per Month

3 month commitment

Twelve 30-60 minute sessions

(1 per week)

Includes text & email access[/pricing_column][/pricing_table]

*Subject to change and to be used as a reference. While these are my current base line price points, I tailor my coaching to each individual client based on the goals & services contracted/requested, so I reserve the right to offer higher and/or lower rates at my discretion – and often ask prospective clients how much it would be worth for them financially to accomplish the goal at hand, so they remain motivated & accountable.

Note that sessions range from 30-60 minutes because they are to be purposeful and action oriented, addressing & working through the most important topics/strategies/obstacles (sometimes it will take 30 minutes, and other times an hour – think a pre-game pep-talk, half-time course correction, time-out, or post-game re-hash). Our partnership is about results, so we will get down to business and focus on ways to achieve them versus spending an hour storytelling.

Monthly plans also include email/text correspondence, as an added value.

In order to accomplish larger goals, and to create new behavioral patterns (that support you in being most effective), I strongly recommend partnering on a 3-month plan, as they yield the BIGGEST and most sustainable results (in addition to being the best financial value, per session).


For every referral that signs up for a monthly coaching plan, you get two free coaching sessions!

For Coaching inquiries, email – or complete the form below.


Executive Coaching & Consulting

With over 10 years of management, training, sales, marketing & finance experience – including the launch of my own brand/business, and 10+ years in a leadership role at Showtime Networks, Inc. running a $100M+ annual business – I also love consulting and welcome the opportunity to support you in taking your business to the next level – whether inspiring your team, expanding your client base, identifying new opportunities, implementing operational efficiencies, or building your brand.

Prices start at $500/hr (inquire below or email


Speaking & Workshops

Searching for the right motivational speaker with an inspiring message that ties together individual authenticity, responsibility, & team work/unity? Whether you’d like to have me facilitate my Be You Authenticity workshop for your organization, team, or institution, or to give a keynote, I am totally game and committed to creating a powerful & enjoyable experience that creates maximum value for you and your audience – as I have done in hundreds of trainings & presentations for thousands of people over the past 10+ years (for as few as 1 person at a time or as many as 500).

Prices start at $2,500 (inquire below or email

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