4 Ways to Live Healthier and Prevent Disease

I recently interviewed Dr. Rangan Chatterjee (International Bestselling author & the star of the BBC One TV series, Doctor In The House) for the Are You Being Real podcast. Dr. Chatterjee is on a mission to help 100 million people restore their health (to optimal levels) all through simplification and addressing the root, not the symptoms, of their ailments.


What sets him apart from other physicians is that he doesn’t rely solely on what he picked up in medical school. “I’m interested in research, but I’m interested more in results,” he said during our interview.


His secret? He’s distilled his knowledge into four main pillars (detailed in his new book How To Make Disease Disappear) that are so simple, anyone could begin to incorporate them into their lives today and begin to see results.


As someone who has experienced pretty good health all of my life, I sometimes take it for granted and am not fully conscious of the long-term effects some of my daily decisions can cause (specifically with my diet). But not anymore. I’ve incorporated changes to my daily routine – eliminating meat & alcohol and picking up yoga. Take a look at the 4 pillars (below) from Dr. Chatterjee’s book and feel free to reflect on these questions:


  • Am I being real about my diet, level of exercise, and overall health?
  • What changes am I willing to experiment with that could serve me in the short & long term?


We only get one body in this life, so it’s important to be real about it!


To listen to our podcast, you can do so here, and to get Dr. Chatterjee’s book, you can do so here.


Much Love!