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"Are You Being Real?"


It's a powerful question that can be asked by anyone about anything... Are you being real in what you say? Are you being real about the way you spend your time? Are you being real about what's not working in your life? The possibilities for exploration & growth are endless.


The beauty in the question is the direct path to the answer (i.e. your truth, and how you really feel) - and when honored, can serve as your compass to achieving whatever you want most.


Start asking the question, don't sell out, and win holistically across all areas of life.


Mark Shapiro

I’m all about being a positive interruption to the status quo.


Instead of hiding behind my screen, I aim to do the exact opposite – testing what’s possible through social media with distinctively unique experiments. In one, I send personalized videos to every single one of my Facebook contacts once per year on their birthdays (all 2,900 of them)!


It’s not about being different. It’s about pushing the limits of digital humanity, and using social media to deepen our connections – which helps me gather invaluable data and examine relationship building fundamentals – which I share about in my 2017 TEDx Talk.


Before this extensive work, and collaborating with public figures such as Lewis Howes (NYT Bestseller), Leigh Steinberg (NFL Super Agent), Ricki Lake (TV Legend), and Cody Simpson (International Pop Star), I spent 12 years in a lucrative (yet unfulfilling) career at Showtime Networks.


Sick of my 9-to-5, I took a major leap of faith and left corporate America to pursue a life of innovation & impact, launching a weekly podcast in 2015.


With the intention to pioneer what it means to be real in our socially conditioned world, I’m so excited about the work we are doing at ‘Are You Being Real Media’ which has become a content & production platform for thought leaders, celebrities, and entrepreneurs to be refreshingly raw and relatable.


Today, I get the incredible fortune to speak all over the world on the future of human connection in the age of social media, and being happy, authentic, and fulfilled in life & work.


I’ve also had the chance to go on top podcasts (like The School of Greatness), and through my Winning Weeks coaching method, helped over 150 people revolutionize their approach to life.


All in all, I do whatever it takes to stand for what I believe in and empower people to prioritize what actually matters – a new reality built on authentic living and genuine support & connection.

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