A Great Year-End Closeout Process

How was your 2018?


For me, I’d be lying if I said this year was all unicorns and rainbows. Not everything went my way. And even though I know in my heart I gave my all, I felt like this year was sub-par.


That is…until I took a deeper look…


Despite not reaching my primary two targets–my desired revenue amount and finding a long-term romantic partner–I realized there is still a lot to celebrate and be grateful for.


To put my year in perspective, I decided to take an honest look and answer these questions – and it was a powerful exercise (feel free to do it!):

1. What’s worth celebrating from 2018? Pro-tip: Go back through your pictures + calendar to ensure you capture them all. Could be tangible achievements, cherished experiences, or meaningful growth/progress.

2. What DIDN’T work out in 2018? Be honest with yourself and don’t hold back.

3. What else are you grateful for in your life? Health, friendships, freedom, family, etc – great for perspective.

4. Where are your areas/opportunities for growth? Learning from what worked & didn’t work in ’18.

5. What are you committed to in ’19? Write down any goals, resolutions, or things you want to try, experience, or change.


If you’re curious to hear how this process and 2018 looked like for me, then tune in to Episode 202 of Are You Being Real! I open up about the good and the bad, what I’m looking forward to in 2019, additional details about my new upcoming app “LoveBomb”, and share some of my favorite quotes to usher in the new year.


Wishing you a beautiful close to 2018 and a Happy New Year!


Much love,