Always Make Time For This…

Down days are a real thing, and during times when it doesn’t feel like life is going my way, I tend to get lost in my drama + circumstances and forget to be ‘giving’ and in service to others.


Instead of waiting for something good to happen to elevate my mood, I find that the easiest way to get back in my happy radiant flow is by showing a little kindness and support to others.


Author & TEDx Speaker, Sebastian Terry would definitely agree and has put this concept to the test. While Seb has lived many badass growth experiences like ‘running with the bulls’ and ‘naked skydiving’, he firmly believes that connecting with others through acts of kindness and helping them achieve their meaningful dreams is more fulfilling than achieving any of his own.


And giving kindness can be as simple as…

•Smiling at a stranger.
•Giving an honest compliment.
•Publicly acknowledging a friend.
•Lending a helping hand to a friend or stranger.
•Volunteering for a cause you believe in.
•Paying it forward (like buying the next person in line at Starbucks a coffee).


Truth be told, we all have challenges and could use a little support now and again. So if you’re ready to put Seb’s belief to the test in your own life, tune in to Episode 196 of Are You Being Real. We get real about how he coped with loneliness when he first moved to LA, how to make a loving impact (without money), and how Kindsum (Seb’s new peer-to-peer network) is making it easier than ever to show kindness to others.


With a little time, energy, and care, we can all help make kindness the new status quo.


Wishing you a week full of kindness and connection, and to all those celebrating Thanksgiving, a wonderful holiday surrounded by family and friends!


Much love,


PS: While money isn’t required to make an impact, it’s an important tool you will be required to handle all throughout your life. Next week, I’ll be chatting with Chris Girbes-Pierce, a certified financial planner and partner at AdvicePeriod, about creating a healthy relationship with money and debunk some of the misconceptions surrounding wealth. Stay tuned!