An Authentic Key To Grow Like A Tree…

“A tree will only grow to the degree it’s rooted.”
-Michael Trainer



My friend, Michael Trainer (co-creator of Global Citizen), recently shared with me his analogy of a tree and how it relates to our personal message, skills, and gifts (or ‘song’ as he puts it). The deeper the roots a tree places, the stronger the trunk and branches will be. The same goes for whatever message or gift we choose to embody. The influence of your ‘song’ is directly impacted by how authentic and rooted you are with yourself.


As I’ve said before, it can be terrifying to be vulnerable, especially when we feel our reputation and credibility is at stake. But I’m always impressed when I see someone I care about get truly real with themselves and do the work necessary to practice what they preach. Which is why I’m all the more proud of Michael for his breakthrough, which came in the form of launching his new podcast “Peak Mind with Michael Trainer,” after 3 years of hard work and wondering if it was ready to share.  The Peak Mind Podcast features interviews with some of the most forward thinking leaders of our time, like the Dalai Lama, Deepak Chopra, and other ‘peak minds’ around the globe.


Perhaps you’re in a similar situation that Michael was in where you’ve identified your ‘song’, dreamt about it, and even gotten started, but you’re not seeing the impact or results. If so, an excellent place to look is at your mindset and behavior, and whether you are practicing what you preach.


It’s important to practice what we preach, not just for integrity, but also for the hidden lessons we uncover once we begin to authentically share our song with the world.  For Michael, the lessons he’ll learn from  releasing his podcast may very well end up being more valuable to him in the long run than the interviews themselves.


Are you being real about practicing what you preach?


To hear what was holding Michael back, what helped him breakthrough and launch his show, and what having a ‘Peak Mind’ is all about, check out Episode 214 of Are You Being Real?.



Wishing you a week full of breakthroughs and ‘songs’ sung!



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