12+ Ways To Deepen Your Connections

“If I wanted to predict your happiness, I wouldn’t want to know your gender, religion, health, or income. I’d want to know about your social network—about your friends and family and the strength of your bonds with them.”
-Daniel Gilbert (Harvard Professor)


What would your life look like, and how would you feel, if you had more fulfilling relationships with your friends, family, and colleagues?


We all intuitively understand the importance of connecting with others, and yet we often times let relationships decay (by falling out of touch), distance ourselves out of fear/insecurity (by being guarded), or only reach out when we need/want something (which doesn’t alway feel great for either party). 


To be a more proactive, present, and giving friend, here are 12+ ways to deepen your connections:


•Reach out to someone out of the blue everyday just to say hi and wish them well (aka – send them a LoveBomb!)

•Write down a list of people you want to get to know better, and make plans with 1 or more of them.

•Make a list of people you value deeply but have lost touch with, and reach out to the person at the top of your list.

•Do something kind, and unexpected, at your work (i.e. bring in donuts or coffee)

•Whenever you connect with someone 1-on-1 (in person or digitally), ask how you can support them.

•Introduce people to others that you think they’d hit it off with or could help them.

•Always remind people why they are awesome (we can always use a reminder and most of us are under-acknowledged).

•Be your word – if you say you are going to do something (like call/email them), always do it (because people notice).

•Respect and honor their time – show up on time and be fully present (aka – put your phone away). 

•Be honest and authentic with them about your intentions, wants, and needs (aka – don’t be deceptive or manipulative).

•Be real – open up about what you are experiencing and going through as it will allow them to feel safe to do the same, and for you to bond in a meaningful way.

•Schedule re-occuring plans (i.e. weekly/monthly dinners) to ensure you get quality face time and stay in touch.

•Follow-up – always follow-up after a meaningful call, meeting, or in person experience (i.e. check-in, share a picture/meaningful memory, or make additional plans).


If you are intentional about nurturing meaningful relationships, practicing these 13 steps will serve as vitamins to build lasting, supportive, and fulfilling relationships. The world is starving for kindness and connection, and you can give your people, and yourself, that special gift. 


Wishing you a week full of deepened connections!


Much love,



For a deeper dive into relationship building and to hear specifics on what I’m personally doing to deepen my own connections, check out Episode 97 of KYO Conversations where I talk (with the founder of the KYO app – Marc Champagne) all about pushing the limits of digital humanity and using social media in unconventional ways to make others feel acknowledged, appreciated, and loved!