When Experiencing Tough Times, Do This.

Here’s a pattern l’ve experienced a countless amount of times….

My life will be absolutely amazing and I’ll feel like I have found my groove and am in the flow…and then suddenly, one change in circumstance will set me in the opposite direction. 

And when that happens, I’ll start feeling bad about my new/current situation, which will lead me to start thinking about ALL the things that aren’t going well in my life, which will lead me to compare myself to others, which will make me feel worse about myself, which will lead me to avoid social situations and having to tell other people how I’m doing, which will lead me to isolate myself in my struggle, and lead me to wonder if I will ever be good enough for that (insert whatever I’m desiring here).

What started out as a small domino has now taken over my life, completely halting my momentum, and destroying my confidence.  

It’s like taking an unforgiving turn while driving, where you get completely lost or stuck for hours or days on head, and worse yet, your radio is playing your inner-critic’s voice on MAX blast and you can’t turn it down or off

It’s the worst, right??

Since being human is full of human moments (whether we experience a life changing loss, or it simply feels like it), here are some things that have helped me not only survive tough times, but thrive though them instead.

•Be mindful and present. Remember you are in the driver’s seat of where your thoughts go.

•Maintain a wide perspective & don’t get tunnel vision (on your problems).

•Remember that you are not alone.  Everyone is going through it, facing daily struggles & challenges.

•Share openly and honestly with a friend, family member, person you trust, or seek professional support. It’s not only liberating but so supportive and perspective changing.

•Be grateful. The energy that comes from living in gratitude has more power than you can imagine, and will help you stay focused on the big picture and beauty of life.

Wishing you a beautiful, grounded, and momentous week!

Much love,

Finally, after many years in the making, I had the chance to get mic’d up with Alex Echols, a master at seeking support and cultivating an attitude of gratitude. To hear how he used positive health habits and gratitude to overcome his cancer, how travel can affect your perspective on life, and other wisdom on making the most of our One Life, check out our interview in Episode 232 of People Being Real!