Lessons From The Lion King

I love movies. 


They give us new ways of looking at the world, and the more we dig into a film, the more we can glean from it. One movie that’s always been close to my heart is The Lion King. And I think this year’s remake is just as magical as the original. Not only was it immensely entertaining, but I also walked away reminded of, and connected to, 10 life lessons that can serve everyone.

•To be the king or queen of your own ‘Lion King’ journey, remember these lessons:



•We’re all connected in the circle of life. – Living in harmony and working together, keeps the world going ‘round. 


•There’s more to see than can ever be seen, more to do than can ever be done. – Live your life to the fullest, but don’t overwhelm yourself. It’s about the journey, not the destination.


•Be careful who you take advice from. – Not everyone has your best interest in mind or knows what’s best for you.


•Things don’t always go as planned. – Life happens and everyone deals with daily problems, setbacks, and struggles.


•Hakuna Matata (No Worries)! – Don’t dwell on the past, don’t sweat the small stuff, and remember that good friends help you get through anything.


•It’s normal to have moments where you forget who you are. – Take your time, but know that running away doesn’t make your problems disappear.


•Let love in. – You are lovable just as you are. Don’t hold back, don’t hide, and don’t push it away.


•Lost loved ones will always be a part of you. – You can always connect to a memory or what you think they would do or say. 


•It’s never too late to find your way. – ’Til we find our place on the path unwinding, every moment is a new moment to choose who you want to be.


•Remember: “A hyena’s belly is never full.” – Be conscious of your consumption and our environment so it continues to be around for our children and generations to come.


Practice these lessons and you’ll always be on the path to being who you are and who you’re meant to be.

Wishing you a week full of love and commitment to yourself!


Much love,



PS:  This is really just the tip of the iceberg from what I learned from The Lion King.  If you want to hear a more in-depth explanation on these bullets, plus 5 more lessons, and how I put them into practice in my own life, check out Episode 233 of People Being Real!


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