The Power of One Person

Photo by Matt Collamer on Unsplash

If you want change, It’s up to you.

Have you ever had a great idea but stopped short because you didn’t think you could pull it off?

Here are some great examples of ordinary people who have created extraordinary results:


•Candy Lightner: After her teenage daughter was killed by a drunk driver, she founded MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving). Her actions helped bring about stricter laws and changes in public opinion around driving while intoxicated.

•James Harrison: he’s donated blood more than 1,100+ times, which has saved 2 million babies.

•Cathy Heying: As a social worker in Minneapolis, she saw how unexpected car repairs affected low-income families. She decided to enroll in automotive school and now provides affordable car repairs to families in need.

•Anna Oposa: She started a petition to stop an underwater theme park being proposed by Nickelodeon in Palawan, The Philippines. The petition and awareness helped cancel the plans for the park, which would have endangered and destroyed biodiversity in the region.

•Frank Willis: As a security guard at the Watergate office building in D.C., he simply took his duty seriously and reported suspicious activity to the authorities while he was making his rounds. This ultimately led to the necessary investigations that uncovered Nixon’s coverup and his subsequent resignation.

•Mark Bustos: a high-end hairdresser in NYC takes time out of his weekend to go and spread a little kindness and cut the hair of the homeless and then chronicles their stories on his instagram (@markbustos).

•Jeffrey Thomas: While teaching special education in Indiana, he noticed many students came to school severely underdressed for the cold. He then started coupon clipping and sale shopping so he could make new fleece scarves for all the students (600+).

•Chad Bernstein: he started a nonprofit (Guitars Over Guns) that pairs at-risk youth with a professional musician mentor.  The participants are experiencing a 90% increase in school performance and attendance.

•Inez Russel: started Friends For Life, a nonprofit that brings people together that want to provide friendship and service for seniors living in Texas. Her group has helped over 22,000 people in need.

•Lori Weise: runs Downtown Dog Rescue in Los Angeles, which helps low-income families be able to support and care for their pets.

•Corinne Cannon: runs a diaper bank (D.C. Diaper Bank) which has provided low-income families with over 2,000,000 diapers.



Next time you doubt yourself, remember that you don’t have to be a Martin Luther King, Mother Theresa, or Alexander Hamilton, to pull off an incredible feat. As my most recent podcast guest, and presidential candidate, Ben Gleib recently said, “What can one person do? A lot.”

Wishing you an impactful week!

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PS:  On this week’s episode of People Being Real, I sat down with comedian Ben Gleib about what inspired him to put his career on hold and run for President of the United States. Regardless of where you fall on the political spectrum, Ben’s a perfect example of an ordinary person taking action and working on being the change they wish to see, one day at a time.


To hear why he decided to take a shot at becoming #46, what he’s learned on the campaign trail from the other candidates, and his passionate vision for America, check out Episode 235 of People Being Real!