5 Keys To Social Media Wellness

Photo by Rami Al-zayat on Unsplash

Social media, for better or for worse, is here to stay.

While we have all experienced it’s benefits, like sharing & celebrating major life updates with our entire communities with a single message, keeping lines of communication open with people we care about across the world, and participating in viral social movements in support of causes we believe in, we also know that social media definitely has it’s dark, addictive, and juvenile side.

Like any thirteen year old, “Social media” is still very young and finding its way. It’s definitely not void of awkwardness, superficiality & bullies!

Will it get worse? Will it get better? 

It’s tough to know, so all we can really do is choose how to use it, and hopefully utilize our smart phones in the smartest possible ways.

Here are my top five keys to improving your social media wellness:


•Be disciplined. Limit your usage, take breaks, and be mindful of when you actually want to use it (and why) vs. checking it every second you don’t know what else to do.

•Be intentional with who you friend + follow. Keep it tight with those who are worth your time, energy, and care.

•Start conversations. Be proactive and DM the people you appreciate and want to get to know. A goldmine of opportunity and connection lives in this space.

•Be giving. Make a habit of sharing your personal insights, causes you believe in, and content that touches your heart.  If it’s meaningful to you, it will likely be to others as well.

•Be real.  Inauthentic expression and connection will always stank like a cheap perfume.  You don’t want to smell it on anyone, especially yourself! 

No matter where social media takes us in the coming years, you can always count on these principles to help you make the most of whatever platform you choose to engage with. By doing your part to promote your own digital wellness, you’ll also make the digital space a better place for everyone else too. 

Wishing you a socially positive week!

Much love,



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