Share your Gifts Generously & Often

“Don’t get boxed in by your job and the ways you’ve historically put yourself out there.”


Do you have strengths and expertise in areas that you know would be valuable to others, but since it’s not your core job, you don’t get as much opportunity to share those gifts as you could?

This is something that’s been real for me as I dedicate time, energy, and effort to my podcast and my speaking + consulting business.

Part of me feels I need to hyper-focus on these projects to maximize their long-term success, and another part of me knows there are so many other ways I can serve and provide immense value (like helping people work through challenging situations and major life decisions where authenticity is vital, or in terms of content, 5 years of podcast growth strategies).

Can you relate? And if so… is it possible to serve more (without making your secondary ways of service a distraction or liability)?  

Ofcourse – it just requires boundaries, effective time management, and putting yourself out there.


So as I continue to grow my core business, I’m carving out one hour a day to help people, and am going to do it at 1/2 my regular rate (for a limited time).  To see if/how I can help you, click here.

As you go into this week, remember that you have skills and talents that someone needs – so share your gifts generously & often. Because when you do, everyone wins. 

Wishing you a giving and service-filled week!

Much love,