A Chance To Say Thanks

“If you could give credit or thanks to one person in your life that you DON’T give enough credit or thanks to… who would that be?”

This is the question that Chris Schembra, Founder of 747 Club, asks at every one of his acclaimed 747 dinner parties, and it consistently inspires heartfelt shares, connection, and tears of gratitude.

Now…while we aren’t technically around a dinner table together, any moment is a good moment to ask yourself that powerful question, so take a second to think about who you would choose and why…

Whether the timing hasn’t been right, whether you are scared of how your message would be received, or whether you feel that no words could do it justice, telling someone how much they mean to you is ALWAYS worth it.  It will leave you both feeling amazing, more connected, and ensure your special person knows how important and valuable they are (something most of us forget from time to time).  


In my own life, I watched my father suffer from Alzheimer’s for many years until he passed away, and I’m grateful that I got to let him know how much I loved and appreciated him – and for him to have had the chance to do the same to me.  In fact, I have the speech my dad’s gave (to me) at my Bar Mitzvah -on video – and watch it every time I need/miss him…something I will treasure and watch the rest of my life. 

The lesson here….is to express gratitude and never let kind words go left unsaid.

So whether you want to thank your person in person, send them a loving text, or drop them a LoveBomb video, I dare you to GO FOR IT! 



Much love,






I recently interviewed Chris Schembra on the People Being Real show and it was refreshing to hear his take on what he calls ‘third-party vulnerability’, which is the guiding principle behind the success of this amazing gratitude question. To hear more about the question and the 747 Club, check out Episode 229!



PS: Who is your person?

PPS – I dare you to reach out to them and let me know how it goes!