Connecting Life’s Dots

Do you wish you were in a different place than where you currently are?

If so, you’re not alone!

Life is a never-ending experiment of trial and error, and feelings of dissatisfaction and challenge are what help us grow and guide us in new directions. 

And while this reality can be difficult to accept (especially during moments of extreme frustration), I’ve learned to have faith that I’m exactly where I need to be and that life is happening FOR me, not TO me. 

I’m in no way perfect at this. It takes a pretty enlightened person to permanently adopt this mindset, but it’s definitely something we can benefit from, immediately, if we pause and ask ourselves the right questions.

Here are a few go-to questions you can ask yourself to check your mindset:

  1. What were the toughest moments or obstacles in my past that led to unexpectedly great things?  What was something I struggled with, or didn’t do in the past, that is now a normal part of who I am?
  2. How could the adversity I’m facing today help me in the short and/or long term? What is the lesson and/or opportunity being presented to me?

Once we begin to live as if life really is happening FOR us, we’ll inevitably be able to see “why” it’s working out the way it is. That “why” also brings with it the ability to look back and “connect the dots” (as my friend Jen Gottlieb would say).  

So if you’re dissatisfied with your current situation, GET EXCITED. You’re one step closer to being who and where you’re meant to be. When the opportunity presents itself, courageously move on to the next dot, and trust that everything works out the way it’s supposed to. 

Wishing you an incredible week full of noteworthy dots and trust in yourself!
Much love,

PS – If you want a prime example of what it looks like to courageously move to the next dot (even when the dots you’re leaving behind could be considered ‘dream gigs’ by most), check out my most recent interview with Jen Gottlieb on Episode 218 of Are You Being Real! Today, she feels like she’s living her purpose as the co-director of Unfair Advantage Live (an event that helps entrepreneurs and influencers build relationships with “The Media”). She also discusses why ‘connection’ is so important in finding your purpose and she shares some of her best tips for relationship building.