Drop a Truth Bomb!

“There’s over 7 billion people, and only 1 of you.”  

In a world of filters, conformity, and fake news, I started the Are You Being Real Podcast (4 years ago, this week!) because I saw a void in authenticity that I craved, and was always confused why people felt such great societal pressure to be someone they are not (myself included).  

Needless to say, it’s been a privilege and a treat to have refreshingly open and honest conversations with incredibly inspiring people week after week on the show.

Yet…despite producing over 200 episodes, and the 300k+ people who have tuned in, there’s always been a missing piece in this exploration of authenticity: a vehicle for any and all voices to be heard.

So we’re changing that…

and building the 1st ever world-wide collection of Truth Bombs!

“What’s a Truth Bomb”? It’s a bold statement that speaks to what’s real for, in, and about YOU. It’s a truth that has served you, and if spread, could make a big impact on others as well.  

Have something you want to say? 

Whether you’d like to check out the project by following us @People.Being.Real or submit a Truth Bomb of your own, we’d love to have you (and in the case of the latter: feature you)!  Follow these simple steps at PeopleBeingReal.org or click on the image below. This project isn’t just to showcase my guests and celebrities; it’s all about each of us. We all have some piece of wisdom that could make all the difference for someone else.  

It’s time to be real about sharing our realness with others.

Wishing a week full of fiery truths and success!

Much love,

PS – If the Truth Bomb project speaks to you, feel free to share it out and help us spread more authentic truths all around the interwebs!