From Bankrupt to $800Million+…

Do you remember seeing this viral video a few years back? 



 If your eyes didn’t account for one of the video’s 41+ million views, and you haven’t seen “Girls Don’t Poop,” it’s an ad for a product called Poo~Pourri, an odor-blocking toilet spray that deserves a place in everyone’s home.


And while you may already know about the company’s success – it’s done over $800+ million in sales, you probably aren’t as aware of how the product and brand came to be. Poo~Pourri founder, Suzy Batiz, created the company after twelve prior business failures, bouts of depression, and not one, but TWO, bankruptcies!


In her own words: “Shit had gotten real for me.”  


And fortunately for both Suzy and all Poo~Pourri fans, she never gave up.


 Suzy‘s incredible story of going from rock bottom to mega-millionaire remindsme that no matter where you are in life or how many times you’ve failed, your next idea could be the next opportunity to turn it all around!


And while some business experts swear by having a bulletproof business strategy and acquiring outside funding, Suzy would say that the biggest key to finding and nurturing success in business (and life) comes from “living turned on.”


Are you being real about living a life that turns YOU on?


To hear how Suzy navigated through all those hardships, built her Poo~Pourri empire, and cultivates a ‘turned on’ life, check out our interview on Episode 213 of Are You Being Real?


Wishing you a turned-on week full of ideas worth pursuing!


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