How To Address Your Blindspots

If your life was a movie, what would you see?


What would be the highs, lows, and what would be the common struggle or theme that keeps popping up?


In most movies, the protagonist (aka the hero character) experiences many challenges and dramatic events, but it’s not the events themselves that change the hero, it’s the lesson and wisdom learned that creates new perspective and allows the character to find the answers they’d been looking for.


Often times, these lessons are in front of the hero (or us) the entire time, but either they couldn’t or refused to see them until it was almost too late. In other words, these lapses in vision and perspective represent our ‘blindspots.’ 


Here are 10 of the most common blindspots people face:

•Living based on other’s expectations versus our own desires.
•Overestimating or underestimating ourselves.
•Conflict avoidance and a lack of risk taking.
•Not letting others in to see us, love us, and help us.
•Feeling like a victim & not taking responsibility for how our life looks today.
•Not accepting what is, and thereby not allowing ourselves to enjoy life.
•Having to always be ‘right’ or have the last word.
•Treating commitments casually, aka not honoring our word & agreements.
•Trying to do too much at once and losing sight of what’s important.

Are any of these the struggles or trends that would show up in your movie?

Blindspots stand in the way between where we are today, where we want to go, and who we want to be. So don’t run away or ignore your areas of improvement. Be real with yourself, seek out some feedback from those you care for and respect, and make a plan to address any issues/opportunities for growth. To step into the 3rd/transformational act of your epic movie, what’s one action step that you can take today?  

Wishing you a week full of Oscar-winning moments in the movie of your life!  You’ve got this…



I recently recorded a podcast episode where I go deeper into blindspots and their role in our lives.  To hear my thoughts on why we have them and how I’ve learned to best identify and address them for maximum effect, check out Episode 227 of People Being Real!