Take It One Step At A Time

There is ALWAYS room for improvement in every area of our lives.


And while we may be pretty aware of the areas we want to fix, and wish we could snap our fingers and see the results instantly, life (unlike an Avengers movie) doesn’t just change in a snap. It requires discipline and action on our part, and if we’re not careful, we can overcomplicate our progress by taking on too many changes at once. 


For the past thirty years, fitness and nutrition expert JJ Virgin has helped people transform their health, both physically and emotionally. When I asked her what her biggest piece of advice would be for anyone trying to get real about their health, her answer was unwavering and straightforward: “take it one step at a time.”


Here are some simple examples of where you can start:


•Drink enough water to stay fully hydrated.

•Schedule that doctor appointment you’ve been avoiding.

•Journal daily about what you’re grateful for and excited about.

•Make time to get movement & exercise throughout the day.

•Incorporate a short mindfulness/meditation practice.

•Improve your sleep by removing electronics earlier in the evening before you go to bed.

•Do an act of service for someone.

•Commit to at least one healthy meal a day.

•Send someone a heartfelt message or video (aka LoveBomb) to make their day and improve your relationship.

•Eliminate a food group you suspect of being harmful to you and log how you feel over time.

•Block out time to do something you love.


What’s the one area of your health you are committed to improving?  


For me, it’s getting to the root cause of some ear, nose, & throat issues, and making any necessary dietary or lifestyle adjustments.  


We’re only guaranteed one life with this body, so always remember (as JJ would say): “You’re done with your health when you’re done with your life.” 


Wishing you a week full of health in body and mind!


Much love,



PS – One of the things I love about JJ is how candid she is in sharing her story, and her opinions on what makes for a healthy life. To hear the story of what she learned from navigating her son’s near-death experience, why she values authenticity, and more practical advice on leading a healthy life, check out our interview on Episode 220 of Are You Being Real!