The Art of KindFluence

As part of my mission to co-create a kinder and more connected world, I’ve been working on an exciting project called ‘The Art of KindFluence.


Whether you have ever strived to be a kinder person, or desired the ability to move others, the truth is that we are going to have some impact on each other, whether we like it or not. And how we choose to interact with others can either push people away, leave them feeling neutral about us, or open the doorway for both them and us to walk away feeling good, connected, and supported.


KindFluence is all about creating positive impressions and win-win situations, naturally and authentically – and their is a simple method to it.


Are you being real about how you are impacting the people around you?


Are you being as effective as you can be to both get what you want AND help others achieve their objectives?


As I bring my extensive research, assessment tools, and communication methods to businesses, organizations, and the world at large, I’m excited to share my first public conversation about The Art of KindFluence on Alexa Henderson’s Transform Your Impact web summit. Together with sharing the 3 core pillars of KindFluence, join me and 20 impactful leaders in this FREE series, rich with inspiring stories and insights.


Today, I’m also excited to share out an excellent new episode of Are You Being Real with renowned author and meditation teacher, Ora Nadrich – a 2nd time guest on the show. We discuss the intersection of authenticity and mindfulness, and what we can do to bring our minds back to the present when we’re distracted by the past or the future.


Check them out and enjoy.


Wishing you a week full of kindness and mindful authenticity!


PS – If your organization or team could use support in the communication, relationship building, and/or motivation/moral departments, let me know, as I designed the Art of KindFluence method to support with these exact challenges.