When To Powerfully Say “No”

Saying ‘NO’ doesn’t mean you’re a horrible person.


On the contrary, it can be one of the most important tools that we can use to be and feel our best.


But as a recovering people pleaser and someone who has a tendency to want to say YES, it’s not always so easy for me to say ‘NO.” I’ve never wanted to come across as a jerk or face the negative consequences of what could happen by pushing someone away (or at least the fear that I’m pushing someone away).


In reality, however, I’ve learned that I’m not doing anyone any favors when I say YES, when I mean NO – because it drains my energy and builds resentment that will likely appear and get in the way of that relationship at some point down the road.


In other words, saying NO is an essential tool for living an authentic life…AND it has become one of my favorite words.


You don’t need anyone’s permission to begin to say No to a request, especially when:


•It doesn’t align with your priorities.
•You don’t think it’s worth your time.
•You feel you have done this person many favors. You have no intention to ask this person for help in the future.
•You’re being asked to spend money.
•The request makes you feel uncomfortable.
•Your body needs rest or you crave “me-time.”
•You just don’t feel like doing it. Period.


*Just be real about the consequences – especially regarding your employment, or your relationship with your spouse/partner.


The more I say NO to things that don’t excite me,
the more I can say YES to things that do.


If living a more authentic life is important to you, commit to powerfully say No and check out Episode 208 of Are You Being Real?. Not only do I talk about why it’s so hard and important to say it, but I also (for the first time) share my “Kindfluence” approach to saying No with class. It’s a solid way to stick to your boundaries and have people appreciate you in the process.


Wishing you an incredible week full of big NOs and even bigger YESes!


Much love,


PS: Feel free to share this email/episode on your socials or forward it to any people-pleasers in your life – so they, too, can benefit and practice 😉