Wish Social Media Was Less Superficial & More Real?

“If we want to be seen for who we are, we should share more of who we are.”
-Mark Shapiro


All my life, I’ve cherished the validation of others, and have even been inauthentic to get it.


And the presence of social media hasn’t helped.


It’s just so easy and tempting to share something on Facebook or Instagram that’s going to warrant a positive response and make us look good, even when we’re not actually feeling our best, and put a figurative or literal filter on the image, picture, or message we’re sharing.


Don’t get me wrong: I believe wanting to be liked is both normal and innately human – and also think that social media is an amazing tool, but from conducting over 200 interviews about authenticity in our modern world, and all the extensive research I’ve done, social media is no longer healthy when it habitually causes us to get tricked into hiding behind masks, and from both ourselves and each other.


Here are the dangers of inauthenticity on a world-wide, interpersonal, and individual level:

•When everyone only shares their ‘best of’ moments, we end up comparing ourselves to a mirage of what’s real and normal, which when multiplied by billions of people, affects the mindset and behavior of mainstream culture and the ability to trust (exhibit a – the worldwide political environment).

•Not letting others see who we really are keeps us from connecting beyond a superficial level, which prevents us from receiving the love and support we crave & need.

•Hiding parts of ourselves and not accepting who we are leads to shame, unworthiness, and negatively effects our happiness and overall well-being.






In contrast to the social media norm (and the vast majority of our ‘FB news feeds’), the Are You Being Real Facebook page is now dedicated to highlighting inspiring shares from people who are brave enough to be real on social media – because we believe there is so much we can do to support and learn from one another (vs. living under a constant facade that everyone else is happy all the time and has life all figured out).




If you see any refreshingly revealing and inspiring posts on your social feed, want to write a vulnerable post of your own, or have recently already posted one – TAG ME or @AREYOUBEINGREAL – and we will consider re-posting any “public” posts we think would be relatable and helpful for people.


And if the idea of sharing who you truly are resonates with you, check out Episode 211 of Are You Being Real?. I share many valuable insights about the power of vulnerability, and tips to help you show up authentically online and in life.


“In a world where everyone wears a mask,
it’s a privilege to see a soul.”


Much love,


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