Who’s In Your “Top 20”?

“Your network is your net worth.”
-Chris Winfield


Aside from my health, relationships are the most important thing I have in my life, and that’s why I have been so committed to nurturing authentic connection and inspiring others to do the same via my speaking, coaching, and podcast over the past 5 years.


I believe wholeheartedly that relationships are the doorway to anything & everything we want in life.


And believe it or not, everything we want might already be within our reach, if we’re willing to put in the work and go ‘the extra mile!’


My friend and “super connector”, Chris Winfield (whose insight has been featured in over 200 leading publications – such as USA Today and Time), would say that our individual networks are like diamond fields, waiting to be mined and polished. Most of us would be surprised to find out how many people we know that are willing to help us accomplish our dreams if we learn to give without expectation and at the same time have the courage to ask for help.


Want to discover the diamonds waiting to be uncovered in your network?

Do the following:

  1. 1) Get clear on your objective.
    Do you want to find a new job, make more sales, get set up on dates, or meet amazing people?

2) Make a list of 20 people that could help you accomplish your objective.
Think of everyone you’ve ever met, not just your immediate circle.

3) Give each person a score from 1-10 in two different columns.
One column for how much influence they have and another for how likely they are to help you.

4)Add the scores together and sort your list in descending order.

5) Contact at least one of them every day and see what unfolds in the next 20 days!


Now that you know who to reach out to, the next step is to figure out what to say and how to create win-wins for everyone. For that, listen to Episode 209 of Are You Being Real?. Chris and I go deep into other techniques he’s used to become a “super connector,” what it means to go “the extra mile,” and Chris’s formula for building authentic relationships.


Wishing you an amazing and connected week!


Much love,


PS: Feel free share/forward this email to any friends, family, or colleagues with a big professional or personal goal. It could be exactly what they need to bring their dream to life.