How To Build Relationships & Community Like A Pro

As social beings, we crave to make great impressions, meaningful relationships, and to feel like we are special, supported, and part of things that are larger than ourselves. That’s why we join communities. However, over time, we might feel like we’ve outgrown our social circles because they no longer support our vision or we are having a difficult time connecting on the level we desire.


What do you do if your current communities are not meeting your needs?

You put yourself out there and take matters into your own hands – perhaps building your own community, or targeting groups & people who intrigue you!


One of the great lessons I’ve learned from my friend and master community builder, David Denberg (former partner and curator at SUMMIT), is this:


You can totally upgrade your relationships and find community by identifying and bonding over your shared interests & values.


While it can be as simple as that, here are some relationship building pro-tips for the next time you’re setting the stage to engage with others:


•Be pumped about something.
Energy is contagious and you should share what excites you.

•Acknowledge others.
To receive love, we must give it in abundance, and people will appreciate + remember your kind words.

•Identify & bond over your shared values.
This creates a sense of relatability, trust, and is the foundation for a strong relationship.

•Show up in a spirit of service.
Find a way to add value and make their life a little better than before you met.

•End on a high note.
Leave connected, uplifted, and open up the door for inspired action and/or more social plans.

•Follow up in style.
Find a great way to close the loop and show you are thinking about them, and that your time together was valuable.


If you are hungry for more (and want inspiring stories and specific examples as to how you can implement these bullets), give Episode 189 of the Are You Being Real Podcast a listen and thank me later! Whether your relationships are in a rut or you just want to learn tips and tricks to take your next social engagement to the next level, you’ll appreciate this interview. David is an all around stellar human and joy to listen to.


Wishing you an amazing week – and if there is anything I can do to support you, reply to this email or drop me a DM on Instagram!


Much love!