How To Live In Effortless Flow

If you’re like me, you’ve experienced times in your life when it feels like everything is rocking and rolling and all that you want/need is popping up at the right place and the right time. Some call it luck, others call it magic, and some refer to it as a state of FLOW.


Maybe you’re asking yourself:
•…When was the last time I felt this?
•…How can I experience this long-lasting flow more frequently?
•…Is it even possible to live in a more permanent, effortless state of flow?
•…and if so: how?


Jackie Knechtel and Justin Faerman (Founders of The Flow Consciousness Institute) have supported hundreds of people in overcoming their challenges to live in flow, and they believe it’s as easy as following these five simple, profound principles:


•Follow your highest excitement and inspiration at all times.
•Accept everything that is happening in your life and don’t fight it.
•Follow your intuition and trust yourself.
•Open your eyes to the unlimited amount of options and possibilities that are available in any moment.
•Be prepared to do the opposite of what you normally do.


If these principles seem too good to be true or you are curious how to live by them, tune into Episode 189 of the Are You Being Real Podcast. Jackie shares why our happiness depends on living in flow, why the belief that ‘life has to be hard’ is a myth, and how we can get our best results by setting goals that can align with flow. Give this episode a listen, and let me know how your thoughts (drop me a DM on Instagram @AreYouBeingReal).


Here’s to a phenomenal, flow-inspired week – Much love!



PS: If you want to learn more wisdom from Jackie, check out her site and keep your eyes peeled for her upcoming book Flow: The Art of Effortless Living.