Is Radical Honesty The Answer?

Brad Blanton’s “Radical Honesty” movement is built on the foundation that lying is the primary source of modern human stress, and speaking bluntly and directly, even about painful or taboo subjects, will make people happier by creating an intimacy not possible while hiding things.
So is Radical Honesty the answer?
Blogger Jeff Atwood challenges the principle of Radical Honesty, arguing that it’s too extreme, and potentially harmful.
Obviously, telling the truth is far better than lying. We are taught that as children, but we tend to lose it through adolescence and adulthood. So why teach our children to tell the truth if we do not do it ourselves? Isn’t that a bit hypocritical? What Atwood examines here is the perks of telling the truth.
Honesty is more efficient. It allows others to trust you and therefore be truthful in return. The issue that Atwood has with Blanton’s Radical Honesty is that Blanton believes all filters should be dropped. Any thought that comes to mind could and should be vocalized. That’s true honesty to Blanton and how relationships can work. Adrian Tan, on the other hand, advises to be wary of the truth. It can be dangerous and cause disturbance in communication. There are times that it hurts people, so appreciating and initiating silence is better than telling the truth.
Atwood takes a more central stand. Telling the truth one hundred percent of the time is extremist and when delivering a message that he thinks could potentially not be received well, he suggests asking the recipient if they are open to feedback, and seek the permission before doing so.
In regards to the way you choose to live and communicate, thats totally up to you, but we at AreYouBeingReal suggest that you communicate anything that you feel a need or deep desire to convey, and to do so in a way/tone thats both liberating for you and also resonates and makes a difference with the recipient (whether you chose a more stern or compassionate approach). If the stakes are high, consult with a friend, or consider getting professional coaching.