Living Big & Making A Difference

It’s normal to want to be remembered after we’re gone. It’s why some of us will plan for what we want on our tombstone, or if you’re a titan from history, you’ll build great monuments to your name in hopes it will cement your legacy through the ages.


But for Ajit Nawalkha, an entrepreneur and former CEO of Mindvalley, personal legacy and being remembered by name isn’t his thing. He’s more about ‘living big,’ discovering what life has to offer, and passing on the wisdom to others.


Instead of building pyramids to be remembered by, consider asking yourself these questions that help Ajit gauge if he’s making the most of his energy and resources:


•Am I allowing myself to enjoy life, prioritizing my happiness & wellness?
•Am I spending my time doing things that are meaningful to me?
•Am I intentionally doing my part to make the world a better place in some way?


These 3 questions definitely resonate with me and 2018 has been an incredible year of consciously learning to put my own happiness first and speaking out in ways that help me be in greatest service to others.


If you resonate with Ajit’s approach to life, then definitely tune into Episode 199 of Are You Being Real! Ajit and I discuss his journey from humble beginnings in India to becoming a CEO and why he stepped away from it all to ‘give life a chance.’ We also go deep into how he created his work-life balance (he only works 16 hours a week), how to determine which passions are worth pursuing, and what it takes to actually ‘live big.’


Wishing you a BIG week full of life, health, and happiness!


Much love,


PS: As much as I love being the host of a podcast, I’m honored whenever I’m asked to sit on the other side of the mic. Check out my recent appearance on Marshall Dunn’s podcast where I was asked to share some wisdom I’ve learned from going on over 100 1st dates, and separately, my approach to utilizing social media in more strategic and rewarding ways!