Playing The Higher Game

“The doors will be opened to those
who are bold enough to knock.”


I got a valuable reminder from my friend and mentor Adam Gilad that the key to playing the higher game in life is to be BOLD…because as Adam says, “BOLDNESS is having the courage to get free and stay free.”




•Choosing confidence over insecurity
•Doing what authentically feels true vs. caving to other’s expectations
•Knowing your own worth vs. seeking external validation
•Setting your bar high vs settling for less
•Taking responsibility for your life vs. pointing blame on others
•Standing for what you believe in vs sitting quietly on the sidelines


“Be bold enough to use your voice, brave enough to listen to your heart, and strong enough to live the life you’ve imagined.”
-Also Unknown


In Episode 185 of the Are You Being Real Podcast, I sit down with Adam Gilad (Emmy Nominated Writer and the founder of The Higher Game) to discuss his life-changing definition of boldness, how it’s shown up in his life, and what it looks like to boldly live and love. Adam is an incredible teacher with infinite wisdom and this episode is a fitting follow up to our first inspiring podcast discussion back in Episode 128.


I also had the privilege of being one of Adam’s guest speakers for his upcoming Bold Man Summit, which focuses on helping you gain the traits that, together, make a person Bold for life. Whether you are only looking to fine-tune a few aspects of your life or you want to completely reinvent yourself, I invite you to listen to Episode 185 and sign up for this series (you’ll get coached by 20 different leaders (men and women) over the course of 8 days. It is 100% free!


Have a beautiful and BOLD week!!!


Much love,