Adam Growald

Episode 153 - Jan 23, 2018


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Adam Growald is a consultant, writer, and speaker with expertise in transformational philanthropy, practical philosophy, and contemporary spirituality. Adam has a contagious curiosity about how the world works and uses philosophical thinking to address issues around business strategy, innovation, and interpersonal relationships. Listen in as we discuss how to communicate who you really are, give yourself the permission to be that true self, and create space for others to do the same.


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Show Notes:

-The familiar (yet uncomfortable) question: What do you do?

-How to remember who you are

-Looking beyond the dollar signs to what really matters

-Using social media to augment real human connection

-What your emotions can tell you about the authenticity of your actions

-The philosophy of consulting

-How to get someone, rather than get something


Links Mentioned:

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Episode Quotes

“At a very deep level, our essence is free.”


“We all have the answers to our own questions, inside.”


“Pay attention to how you feel when taking action.”


“There are multiple different contexts to understanding reality.”


“The best way to honor a gift is to receive it.”


“Try to get someone, not get something from someone.”


“Being yourself feels really good.”