Amber Rae

Episode 169 - May 15, 2018


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Amber Rae is an author, speaker, and artist who has has a new book out called Choose Wonder Over Worry. It's all about creating a new relationship with that voice in our head, and it comes from Amber's personal journey after burning out from a career in the corporate world.


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Show Notes:

-A moment when Ambers authenticity was really being tested, a story she hasn't shared before

-Why starting to journal really helped turn her life around

-Where the idea for her new book came about

-How she began to follow the call of Wonder

-What excites her about the book, and how she wrote the book in Bali

-Why the missing piece of the conversation is often yourself

-Why she believes in a world without symbolic "speed limits"

-How she measures her life for herself today

-Amber tries an experiment about worries on Mark


Links Mentioned:

-Get your copy of Choose Wonder Over Worry



Episode Quotes

"My focus on the inward journey is what catapulted my outward journey."


"I was writing my way into my own truth."


"I was choosing the unknown, and living for the questions in order to create the space for the answers to emerge."


"All of a sudden, my life went from chaos to alignment."


"We live in a society that emphasized positivity to the point that it's detrimental."