Andrew Sealy

Episode 243 - October 11, 2019


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When it comes to creating impact and being an influence for good in the world, sometimes you just need to take the leap of faith and go all in doing what you love, even if it means leaving behind the security of the familiar. That's what happened to Andrew Sealy.


Instead of sticking with a cushy job at a popular software company in Seattle, he chose to follow his happiness and pursue the life of a yogi. Today, he's a movement creator, connection catalyst, and an expert yogi that's impacting with his joy and kindness and spreading his message on his terms.


And in Episode 243, Mark and Andrew talk about how he came to discover yoga, what kept him from taking the leap and diving deeper into it, why being present and kind is important to creating positive influence, and Andrew shares some exciting upcoming projects he's working on that you don't want to miss.





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Show Notes:

•How Mark and Andrew met. (02:42)

•A moment when Andrew's authenticity was challenged. (04:53)

•The stories that stood in Andrew's way from diving into what brought him joy. (09:22)

•The most positive influences in Andrew's life. (13:55)

•Why aren't more people 'kindfluencing' today? (18:43)

•The importance of being present in whatever you're experiencing. (23:02)

•Andrew's upcoming projects. (33:15)

•The greatest 'Kindfluencers' that Andrew knows. (35:28)

•Andrew's vision for the world. (38:52)


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Episode Quotes

"Judgement is the ego's best friend."


“Instead of being about 'me' and 'mine,' tap into service and truly shine."


"Post when you feel inspired to post.”


"The best form of activism is 'attractivism.'"