Brett Hoebel

Episode 114 - April 25, 2017


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Brett Hoebel is the author and creator of 20 Minute Body and you may have seen him appear as a celebrity trainer on ABCs The Biggest Loser. He believes that fitness comes from within and employs a holistic approach that includes exercise, nutrition, and overall health. He’s also an advocate for fitspiration, with his new inspirational YouTube series, Sweat With Soul. Tune in to learn how Brett turned his pain into purpose, how relationships helped him build his career, and how you can improve your accountability to yourself and achieve your fitness goals.

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Show Notes:

-What is the fitting point?

-Brett’s experience as an adopted kid

-Brett’s relationship with food as a child

-How he got his first big break

-Why relationships are the best investment

-How bringing joy to your work will help you succeed

-How to expand your definition of fitness

-3 fundamental tips to get you fit

-Why short workouts work

-Why accountability is key


Links Mentioned:

-Visit Brett's website

-Get your 20 Minute Body

-Be inspired by Sweat With Soul

-Take a journey


Question of The Week:

Are you being real with your relationship to your fitness?

Episode Quotes

“Give your honest 100%.”


“Change doesn't happen from easy.”


“Fitness is more than your body.”


“Fit doesn’t have a size, it has a feeling.”


“Turn your pain into purpose. “


“Don’t think of working out as exercise, think of it as movement.”


“Don’t take your health for granted.”