Burning Man Part 1 of 2

Episode 31 - September 22, 2015


What is Burning Man and why do I keep going back?


I recently returned from my sixth time at Burning Man, and had the time of my life.


In part 1 of this two-part series, I talk about the origins of Burning Man, the principles it is founded on, and why it is a great case study for authenticity. Next week in part 2 I'll share my experience at Burning Man 2015.


Show Notes:

-The history of Burning Man

-The principles of Burning Man

-All about radical self-expression

-The link between authenticity and Burning Man

-How to survive the week on the playa

-How not having a routine for the week can make you open to living in the present

-What the Man means to different people


Links Mentioned:

-Check out Burning Man.

Episode Quotes

"Give away words of affirmation, acknowledge people for what you see in them."


"At Burning Man the roles of participant and entertainer are constantly changing."