Burning Man Part 2 of 2

Episode 32 - September 29, 2015


Here's Burning Man 2015, as it unfolded from my perspective.


In this episode, you'll learn the crazy story of running into an old friend, how I opened up emotionally with my Venice Beach crew, and the heartache and pain I experienced.


Come with me as I relive my journey on the playa.


Show Notes:

-The 3 primary intentions I set for this year’s Burn

-All about everything I did at Burning Man 2015

-3 stories that really highlight my Burn experience

-A great technique for cruising through a dance crowd

-Why people don’t share the challenging parts of Burning Man on Facebook

Why it’s important to have 20 friends who you can talk to about anything

-Why it feels amazing to release pain and hurt


Two Questions:

I mentioned in the outro to this episode that I'd answer two questions in the show notes. Here they are!


Question 1: Did I find a lover on the playa?

Answer: NO. I was open to the possibility for the first couple days but quickly realized this Burn was about personal growth and my relationship with self - which allowed me to get the clarity, patience, and gratitude I needed (as you heard in the episode).


Question 2: Did I forgive my best friend and ex-girlfriend for hooking up?

Answer: YES. I forgave both individually. My best friend is a best friend for life and we both look at the situation as an opportunity for growth, and to bring us even closer together. Needless to say, it's working and we have shared many good times and heart to hearts since Burning Man. In regards to my ex-girlfriend, I wish her all the best.

Episode Quotes

"My life is exactly where it needs to be and where it should be, right now."


"Whatever is brewing below the surface in someone’s life, it usually comes to Burning Man with them."