Cam Adair

Episode 159 - Mar 6, 2018


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Cam Adair is the founder of Game Quitters, the world’s largest support community for video game addiction, with over 20,000 members globally. Through sharing his own story in an open and vulnerable way, Cam inspires others to break up with bad habits and patterns. In this episode, Cam shares how to recognize addiction in your life, his three-step process for breaking addiction, and the difference between having fun in the moment and being truly happy. We also discuss the entrepreneurs journey, and how to know that your work is making an impact in today’s world of passive consumption.


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Show Notes:

-How Cam quit playing video games

-Why Cam decided to share his story

-What is addiction anyway?

-How to identify an addiction

-Cam’s three-step process to break addiction

-Rituals v. addictions

-The difference between having fun and being truly happy

-How we grow through rejection

-Why it’s important to share your story


Links Mentioned:

-Check out Game Quitters

Episode Quotes

“Your story is the most important gift to the world.”


“We overestimate our capacity to remember things and execute them.”


“Where are you looking for instant gratification versus happiness and fulfillment?”


“Rejection has been the greatest catalyst of my life.”


“In a game you always know what to do next, in life that’s just not the same.”