Chris Winfield

Episode 209 - February 12, 2019


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"When you do things right, your network is your net worth."


No matter who we are or what we want to accomplish, we could all use a little more help from our friends. And if you want to attract more help and connections into your life, you've got to get into the habit of going 'the extra mile.' It's one of his keys for becoming a 'super connector,' someone with a solid network that's deeper and wider than 99% of the people you'll meet. And Chris Winfield is one of the best out there.


Chris has been featured in many reputable publications such as  USA Today, TIME, and The Wall Street Journal and is the founder of Unfair Advantage Live, the premier publicity event for coaches, entrepreneurs and authors. He's one of the foremost experts in network and relationship building today. And with his tips and strategies, anyone can grow and become the 'super connector' of their network.


If you're ready to learn how to go 'the extra mile' and become a 'super connector' yourself, then tune into Episode 209 of Are You Being Real! Chris also goes into why vulnerability is key in relationship building, his take on cultivating large networks vs. small networks, why he makes it a priority to meet a new person every day, and also how he manages to only work 16 hours a week and still find success.





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Show Notes:

-Why Chris chose to share about his faith in God and his struggles with alcohol with his audience.

-What it takes to build a real relationship with others.

-How to create win-win situations and why you should always go 'the extra mile.'

-"The Field of Diamonds" An exercise to start developing relationships in your own network.

-Tips on building relationships with "The Press"

-Chris's take on large networks vs. small networks.

-How Chris manages to work 16 hour weeks.

-Chris's current greatest opportunity for growth.



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Episode Quotes

“Everyone has the same fears and insecurities.”


“Share the messy parts of you.”


“The best relationships are built on authenticity.”


“Meeting 52 new people a year will change your life.”


“You can be unbelievably productive at the wrong things.”


"The extra mile is never crowded."