Danna Pycher

Episode 157 - Feb 20, 2018


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As a hypnotherapist and speaker, Danna Pycher supports people worldwide in overcoming chronic illness, addiction, and trauma. In today’s episode, we discuss how hypnosis works, why the subconscious mind clings to trauma, and how you can start peeling away the layers of repression to rediscover your true self. Tune in to learn why Danna was skeptical when she first encountered hypnosis, and how it was since transformed her life.


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Show Notes:

-Where your vitality is hiding

-Productivity vs. Self-care

-Why healers need healers

-How Danna got into hypnotherapy

-Why the subconscious mind clings to trauma

-What is PTSD

-Danna’s ongoing spiritual journey

-How we grow through pain

-The most common root causes of emotional repression

-What is self-hypnosis

-Breaking up with your history



Links Mentioned:

-Watch Danna's TEDx talk

-Start your transformation

Episode Quotes

“Vitality exists within us, in our own little inner child.”


“Why are we not worthy unless we’re productive?”


“The pain of life is information, it’s an indicator that it’s time for something, somewhere, somehow, to evolve.”


“The root cause to everything is love, or lack of it.”


“Hypnosis is like meditation with a goal.”


“There’s a big awakening happening — we’re not okay just taking pills, we’re not okay just being numbed.”


“We don’t have to be our history.”