David Denberg

Episode 189 - September 25, 2018


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As human beings, we crave the safety, love, and acceptance of others and are edified when we can return the same. It's what's driven us to gather into tribes, families, and other forms of community since the beginning of time.  However, we may find from time to time that the communities we find ourselves in may not fully meet our expectations or vision for what they could be.


How would your life be different if you could cultivate your own community, just as you envision it?


"Details make everything."


In Episode 189 of the Are You Being Real Podcast, Mark sits down with former Summit Series executive and co-found of Open-Circles.co, David Denberg.  David is a master community builder and relationship manager and is one of the most energetic and charismatic individuals Mark has ever met.  Tune in and listen as David shares his philosophy on community and what it takes to build it,  some tried-and-true tips and tricks he's used to create events and gatherings that leave a lasting impression on attendees, and the importance of building and sustaining relationships (especially with family).




Connect with David:  Blockchain Unbound: TokyoEmail | Bali2018: Open-Circles.coInstagram


Show Notes:

-How David first got involved with Summit Series.

-What it takes to build community and why he's driven to do so.

-Aristotle's Three Types of Friendship

-What he does to set a vibe and make incredible impressions on others.

-How to be present in the moment and also be one step ahead.

-Tips and tricks on how to build and sustain relationships.

-The art of giving and receiving in relationships.

-The To-Do List vs. The To-Be List

-The importance of food and family in David's life.

Episode Quotes

"Trust is the foundation of collaboration."


"A community is something that lives on through every action of the people that embody those values."


"People want to feel that they are adding value, not extracting it."


"Details make everything."


"The joy of life, for me, is the highs AND lows."


"Surround yourself with people who are honest and caring. They'll help take care of you."