Francis Pedraza

Episode 147 - Dec 12, 2017


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Francis Pedraza is the CEO of Invisible Technologies, Inc., a company that helps you delegate tasks so that you can work on what’s really most important. Francis is all about living an un-edited life, and he leads by example in today’s episode. We discuss everything from why one should never use the same pick up line twice, to what it might be like to live in a surveillance state, to reincarnation. Listen in for an episode that will inspire you to stop editing out the truth from life.


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Show Notes:

-What getting away from the city does for Francis

-Why you should never use the same pick up line twice

-Why Francis is embarrassed by his Medium posts

-Why Francis considers writing to be spiritual work

-The value in having our un-edited thoughts exposed to the world

-What radical transparency could do for society

-How social media gives us a platform for confession

-Why we live with sins of omission

-Why Francis is afraid of success

-How Invisible Technologies, Inc. works


Links Mentioned:

-Check out Invisible Technologies, Inc.

-Read Francis' Medium posts

-Get your Organifi Green Juice


Question of The Week:

Are you living an un-edited life?

Episode Quotes

“Dance with your anxiety.”


“Everything is true and not true.”


“Anytime you take a wall and you destroy the wall, interesting things happen.”


“I would like my un-edited thoughts to be exposed.”


“We do your work for you, so you can do your real work.”


“The best insights are insights into how to have insights.”


“I am already dead.”