Jackie Knechtel

Episode 188 - September 18, 2018


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Imagine always feeling that your wants and needs are showing up for you at the right time and everything is working out in your favor.  Wouldn’t that be amazing? Jackie thinks so, and she’s here to help us make that a reality for us by showing us the basic of how to tap into our flow consciousness.

On Episode 188, Mark sits down with the co-founder of The Flow Consciousness Institute and author of the upcoming book Flow: The Art of Effortless Living, Jackie Knechtel.  She is one of the most well-traveled, energetic people he knows know and she is a master at living intentionally in flow. In this episode, she'll show us how we can learn to recognize and follow the breadcrumbs that life leaves in our path, how we should look at goal setting when we’re looking to get in and stay in flow, and why our society’s obsession with making everything harder is complete bullshit.  


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Show Notes:

-What it means to "be love."

-How consistently shift from doing to being.

-What made her mentor's coach, Steve Hardison, different from other teachers she has met.

-Jackie's view on attachment to goals.

-The difference between flow state vs flow consciousness.

-What you can do if you are not in flow.

-How our culture's programming causes unnecessary suffering.

-Why relationships offer the greatest opportunity for growth.

-Jackie's favorite nonfiction books.

-The relationship between resistance and flow.

Episode Quotes

"Your beliefs are creating your reality."


"Our worth is not dependent on our achieving of goals."


"Language is generative. It's so powerful."


"Relationships are everything."