Josh Trent

Episode 143 - Nov 14, 2017


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Josh Trent is the founder of Wellness Force, the host of Wellness Force Radio, a wellness influencer, and a health and technology expert. Through his business and podcast, Josh supports people in transforming their bodies and minds to live life well. In today’s episode, we discuss the role intuition plays in leading an authentic life, how to live in integrity, and Josh’s not-to-be-missed tips to improve your overall wellness.


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Show Notes:

-The link between physical and emotional wellness

-How to hone your intuition

-The job that made Josh pursue an authentic life

-How to live in integrity

-Why the truth will always be undefeated

-Josh’s top 3 ways to improve your overall wellness

-The biggest risk to our health in a technologically connected world

-The link between sleep deprivation and overeating

-Tips for getting quality sleep

-The importance of scheduling joy and human connection


Links Mentioned:

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-Tune in to Wellness Force Radio

-Get your Organifi products today!


Episode Quotes

“The answers are inside.”


“The truth is undefeated, it will always come up.”


“The more we check in with our truth, the more we live it.”


“With discipline & scheduling comes freedom.”


“The one and only thing that everyone must do as we move into this technologically connected age, is get to sleep.”


“Care about the bigger picture.”


“Scheduling in love and connection is just as important as productivity.”