Kirra Sherman

Episode 186 - September 4, 2018


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We’ve all heard of the importance of ‘trusting our gut’ and, If you’re like most, it’s often times easier said than done. The world is full of so much noise and distraction trying to compete for our attention.  Sometimes, our own logical thoughts paralyze us to the point where we become overwhelmed and don’t take any action. Whether these stumbling blocks are self-imposed or not, it’s important for us to get acquainted with the tool that the Universe has given each and every one of us: our intuition.

In Episode 186, Mark sits down with Kirra Sherman, the host of The Deeper Spark Podcast and a fearless intuition coach. She has been helping others get familiar with and trust their gut and live more in tune with the deeper spark inside us all. Whether your struggling to trust your intuition when it comes to your business, your relationships, or just struggling to let go and allowing your inner-self to deviate from your plans, you’re sure to find unique insights and takeaways on this episode of the Are You Being Real Podcast!


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Show Notes:

-What disconnecting from technology and a surprise trip to Whole Foods taught Kirra about intuition.

-How to reconcile what we logically think with what our heart feels.

-How speaking your truth can help those you love to understand where you are coming from.

-The difference between your 'big sense' and your 'little sense.'

-How Kirra wants to be remembered by her family.

-Why 'pondering' is Kirra's most consistent practice.

-What Kirra wants to experience most in her life at this time.


Links mentioned:
Kirra's Fearless Intuition Programs

Episode Quotes

"There is always a risk of being alive."


"The fear of death is actually the fear of living."


"The thing about intuition is that it doesn't come with instructions on why you're supposed to follow."


"When you learn to trust [intuition], you realize 'this is way better than the measly control I've been fighting for in my mind.'"


"Waiting for a sign often comes from our limitations."


"The sign is often a relection of your decision."


"Love does not have judgement attached to it, it's just what you love."


"Your limits on the external are almost always a reflexion of the limits of the internal."


"At the end of the day, love is expanding beyond judgement."


"The key to life is being absorbed in whatever is right now."


"There is nowhere to 'get to.'"