Leigh Steinberg

Episode 43 - December 15, 2015


Leigh Steinberg has lived a life of purpose and pursuit - his true life story inspired the film Jerry Maguire.


But it hasn't been without it's challenges. In this episode, we dive into Leigh's life from the very start, and open up how he became the famous NFL agent, where he developed his leadership skills, and more.


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Show Notes:

-Incredible stories from all chapters of Leigh's life

-Why celebrities are perfect for changing society because of their high profiles

-What he dreamed about when he was eight years old

-How he stumbled upon the career that would shape his lifeHow he did his first contract with an NFL star

-His challenges with alcoholism


Truth Challenge:

1. Whats your proudest moment?

2. What's your definition of happiness?

3. If you could reverse one decision you’ve made in your life, what would it would have been, and how would that have impacted your life?

4. You wrote the book Living With Integrity - Getting What You Are Worth Without Selling Your Soul.  Have you been successful in that?

5. When it's all said and done and people hear the name Leigh Steinberg, what do you want them to think of you & remember you for?


Links Mentioned:

-Learn more about Leigh on his Wikipedia page.

-Check out Jerry Maguire.


Episode Quotes

“The source of happiness is internal, not external.”


“Life is about reaching out, establishing relationships, it’s a constant learning experience”


“If you put enough work and energy into something, and you are careful, you will succeed”