Leslie Coutterand

Episode 205 - January 15, 2019


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We live in a time where the consumption of goods for one group is through the roof and there is an immense scarcity for others. Friendships and families are feeling the strain of an ever-increasing divide due to political opinions. Kids and adults alike are experiencing new levels of anxiety and stress from their digital lives. In short, there's a lot of work to be done if we want to preserve the planet, our society, and our relationships.


It starts with "Love."


My guest for this week is Leslie Coutterand. She's a TEDx speaker, filmmaker, and former actor turned activist. She's on a mission to impact the world and inspire everyone to share more of what she feels the world needs most: Love--Love towards each other, love towards the planet, love towards ourselves. And one of the tools she's using is her upcoming documentary titled "I Love, Therefore, I Am," which is sure to move you to act with love towards others.


In this episode, Leslie dives into why the subject of 'love' has become her passion, some of the struggles she's faced in creating the film, how trends in social media addiction inspired her TEDx talk, and how that's affected her own social media usage. She also brainstorms with Mark on what a social media platform would look like if it didn't revolve around the pursuit of likes.


As Jackie DeShannon once sang: "What the world needs now is love, sweet love. It's the only thing that there's just too little of." So If you're ready to explore how you can show more love in your daily life, then sit back and tune in to Episode 205!



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Show Notes:

-Leslie's dilemma with acquiring funding that aligns with her project's mission.

-What is 'I Love, Therefore, I Am'?

-Why is she so passionate about this topic?

-How Leslie went from actor to activist.

-What drove her TEDx talk and how it has changed her own social media usage.

-Mark and Leslie's vision for a new kind of social media platform that doesn't revolve around an obsession with celebrity.

-How Leslie creates self-acceptance and compassion within herself.

-How Leslie would rate herself on 'being who she truly is.'


Things to Check Out:
Trailer for "I Love, Therefore, I Am."

Episode Quotes

“What are you supporting and influencing?”


“Turn your anger into something positive.”


“Do more.”


“Focus your attention on the ones who are willing to hear you.”


“Think about your values. Turn them into action.”


"When you do things, ask yourself: Would you do these things if you were the happiest person on earth?”