Mark Shapiro

Episode 221 - May 7, 2019


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There's nothing like sinking into a nice warm bed without a care in the world, just vegging out, and just being. It's comforting. And we need time to recover and reset.  But let's be real: some of us are actually spending WAY too much time in comfort and not enough time pushing ourselves to where we want to and know we need to go.


This week's episode is all about getting off our asses, pushing up against our edge, and breaking free of our comfort zone. It's self-tough love at it's finest and Mark brings it with some realness about how he's been letting himself mellow in the comfort and how he's planning on stepping forward into growth. He also shares everything he's come to learn about comfort zones, including ways that you can take action TODAY to break through yoru own, and he packs it all into this short solo episode.


If you're feeling comfortable with life and need to a boost to get to the next level, bust out your notebook and tune into Episode 221!




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Show Notes:

-What is a 'comfort zone'?

-Archetypes that show up when we're living comfortably,

-What life looks like inside vs. outside of your comfort zone.

-The three catalysts for change.

-How Mark has been living in his own comfort zone.

-Mark reads a powerful excerpt from David Deida's "The Way of The Superior Man"

-Mark's 5 Step Roadmap To Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone

-Examples of things you can do to step out of your comfort zone.



Things to check out:
The Way of the Superior Man by David Deida

Episode Quotes

“'Comfort' is playing it safe.”


“Comfort zones are where dreams go to die.”


“Growth only occurs in a stage of discomfort.”


“Being scared means the perhaps I’m about to do something really really brave.”


“FAIL = First Attempt In Learning”