Mark Shapiro

Episode 200 - December 11, 2018


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For the past few years, Mark has put in work, week after week, to bring the Are You Being Real podcast to your earbuds and have each episode provide a clue to what it means to discover and be who we truly are, even when it’s not easy.


Becoming "who you truly are" is a beautiful concept, but from Mark's experience, "it's fucking hard." And after participating in over 200 recordings, many workshops, and conducting focused research on each of his guests, it’s still not an easy thing to identify.


But one thing is certain: there have been a lot of lessons along the way and there will be many more to discover as he refines his vision and new opportunities unfold.


Tune in to Episode 200 to hear all about them.  Not only does he dive into the lessons he’s learned, but he also talks about real struggles he has encountered with the podcast, stuff that he continues to work on personally, what the future holds for the podcast, and why he’s excited for his latest and loftiest project yet: LoveBomb.


The team at Are You Being Real want to thank each and every one of you for joining us on this journey and look forward to growing with you into the future!


*NOTE: Be sure to stay through to the end to enjoy the special montage of ‘final words of wisdom’ from past guests. :)



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Show Notes:

-What does 'being who you are' truly mean?

-What the future of AYBR looks like after this episode.

-A history of Mark's upbringing, the beginning of the podcast, and what it's is today.

-Has Mark ever second-guessed himself on his path or worried about being judged by others?

-Many lessons he's learned from 200 weeks of publishing the podcast.

-Stuff that hasn't worked out and how Mark's 'Achilles heal' has influenced those things.

-What is Mark is most excited about?

-Mark's newest project, LoveBomb, and the purpose behind it.

-How you can continue to support Are You Being Real.

Episode Quotes

“Anyway you look at it, being who you truly are is tough in our modern world.”


“The concept of being who you truly is so abstract, it’s hard to define.”


“I learned that If I wanted to achieve anything in this life, I needed to take responsibility and make it happen myself.”


“Following my heart and daring greatly has led to so many incredible opportunities that I couldn’t have seen when I started.”


“If you lead the way with vulnerability, somebody else is likely to get vulnerable as well.”


“I really truly believe that being real is the key to happiness, fulfillment, and connection.”