Mark Shapiro & Fanny Nicole

Episode 240 - September 17, 2019


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"Stop holding your truth; speak your truth.
Be yourself. It's the healthiest way to be."
-Tiffany Hadish


We all want to be heard, acknowledged, and loved for who we are and for the truths we hold dear. And while our truths may not necessarily sit well or even be acknowledged by others, We all have something that someone else needs to hear and experience to know they are not alone. And that's precisely what Franny Nicole wants to share on her podcast, one inspiring guest at a time.


In today's episode, we're visiting a condensed version of an appearance that Mark had on Franny Nicole's "Claiming Your Truth" Podcast. Mark and Franny talk about a whole slew of topics including the effects of being lonely, life after divorce, podcasting advice, how landing a TEDx talk is easier than you'd think, and advice he would give his younger self.


If you'd like to hear Mark and Franny's conversation and get a better idea of how Mark operates, check out Episode 240 of People Being Real!





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Show Notes:

-Mark's background. (03:50)

-On 'being alone.' (07:08)

-What Mark's journey has looked like post-divorce. (09:59)

-Strategies to influence change in others. (12:30)

-What it's like for Franny to be a single mother and putting herself out into the dating pool. (19:41)

-How the PBR Podcast came to be and some advice for podcasting hopefuls. (22:13)

-What inspired Mark's TEDx talk and how landing a talk is easier than most people think. (26:20)

-What Mark says to himself when he's at his lowest moments. (32:22)

-Advice Mark would give his childhood self. (36:11)


Things to check out:
Original Episode: Claiming Your Truth Podcast - Connecting In A Digital World w/ Mark Shapiro

Mastery In Transformational Training (MITT)

Episode Quotes

“I can be whoever I want to be.”


“There is so much beauty available when you look at the big picture instead of the one thing that isn’t working.”


“Focusing on yourself can inspire others to do the same.”


“We can’t always control others or the results you experience, but you can control how you show up.”


“Just because someone responds to you in a certain way, it doesn’t mean you have to wear their thought.”


“Everyone’s got an opinion on something. Take everything with a grain of salt.”